Monday, January 23, 2006


Joy of joys, there is to be a Trader Joe's in the city! I will finally be able to have my gummy fruits, mushroom puffs, and all the gyoza I can eat, without having to wait for my mom to drive down from MA. I'm excited about the wine store too. Read all about it.

Map of 138 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good coffee in Greenpoint.

If you live in Greenpoint, you know that there are very few coffee houses. A new one opened in November called Cafe Grumpy. Ryan and I tried it today and loved it! My latte was perfect and the bagel with cream cheese and avocado was delicious. If you're ever in the Greenpoint area near Meserole and Diamond, please go.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ha ha.

Have you seen Google Video yet?

Who doesn't like free stuff?

Check out Mr. Cheapo for links to free stuff. I'm looking forward to my deoderant sample, are you?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Christina and I are for sale.

Photo © 2003 Barbara Probst.

A couple of years ago, Christina and I posed for the artist Barbara Probst. Recently, my friend Annabel told me that she saw the photo above at the Art Basel fair in Miami. Check out Barbara's page on Artnet to see her other work.

Saturday, January 7, 2006


I just got my copy of the Wholphin DVD that McSweeney's sent with issue #18. It's wonderful! Everything on it is great. It's too bad that Spike Jonze's documentary about Al Gore didn't get released during that election year. I bet more people would've voted for him. There's animation from Iran and a sitcom from Turkey. Also, Patton Oswalt stares at the camera for five minutes, plus a cameo from David Byrne. Let me know if you'd like to borrow the disc, or buy your own at McSweeney's.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

My newest obsession.

Do you know about Cute Overload? You can thank me later.

Trippy, '60s style animation, with song by Garrison Keillor.

Found this Honda commercial on Yeti Don't Dance. You MUST watch it. It may possibly blow your mind.

Monday, January 2, 2006

Toby Goodshank is up in this bitch!

Photograph by Crystal Madrilejos.

From Time Out New York, Issue 535:
Musicians who work receptionist jobs during the day are as common as corner bodegas. Ones who also self-release 16 CDs in five years, like Brooklyn's Toby Goodshank, aren't. Such a pace would seem destined to provide uneven results, but Goodshank's work is nothing if not remarkably consistent, and consistently good. His latest, Jyusangatsu, is no exception. Using an acoustic guitar complemented occasionally by an electric one and found noise, Goodshank works within a respectable range of folk-rock. A member of the indefinitely on-hiatus Moldy Peaches, his sound is warm and sincere without skidding into earnestness; on this album, the results are largely light and upbeat. "Holiday," an extremely well-executed Madonna cover, and "Susan B. Anthony–Sized," about the way-back-when of being in utero, lend the CD a celebratory feel, while "Palom & Porom," a duet with Diane Cluck, brings to mind the early-'90s collaborations between Dan Littleton (of Ida) and Jenny Toomey (of Tsunami). On other songs, Goodshank looks to his childhood for metaphors. In Jyusangatsu's opener, "Mossman," he tells the story of getting mugged in front of his apartment in Bushwick; to make sense of the crime's racial dynamic, Goodshank recalls the moment when he realized that archenemy action figures Mossman and Beastman were made from the exact same mold. While his previous album, 2004's Safe Harbour, proved Goodshank capable of nailing the nuances of love—particularly optimistic resignation—Jyusangatsu is full of songs like "Mossman," exercises in the musician's proprietary brand of quirky whimsy.—Kate Crane

Check out Toby's website for drawings and songs.