Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mother of god.

What the hell happened to her???

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?

I so called this.

Big surprise.

Do you like poetry?

If so, please check out my mom's new book. It's called Regrets Only. You can purchase it at Little Pear Press. You can also read about it here or here.

P.S. I took the cover photo!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Public Service Announcement

According to Gothamist, Shake Shack will have a webcam up this Monday to show the length of the line. Now that Ryan and I have moved, we're an eight minute walk (five minute speedwalk) from Shake Shack. This webcam should come in very handy!

The Shake Shack webcam is finally up, and the line is currently really fricken' long.

Another update!
A Shakeshack Webcam Dashboard Widget

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Shoppers at Home Depot in MA got something special with their purchases. Via NY Times

I always feed the birds with no pants on, don't you?

Creepy naked neighbor.
Today I looked out the window to find that my across-the-way neighbor was tossing birdseed out the window. Naked. Yes, naked. So I took pictures. I figured that if one is that comfortable with one's naked self, that one won't mind if pictures of said naked self are posted on the internet. Click on the photo for a close-up (you know you want to).

Monday, June 5, 2006

Finally, something good at the McCarren Pool.

From Billboard:
Some of the most popular bands in indie rock will perform this summer at the newly revitalized McCarren Park Pool in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, N.Y. The space opened in 1936 with a pool large enough for 6,000 swimmers but has been closed since 1984; last summer, promoter Ron Delsner Presents announced plans to eventually stage concerts at the venue.

The series will begin July 29 with Bloc Party and Secret Machines, followed the next day by a free performance from Of Montreal. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth will team up for an Aug. 11-12 stand, while Deerhoof will perform free on Aug. 13. The lineup is rounded out by Iron & Wine (Aug. 17) and an Aug. 24 triple bill with Neko Case, Joanna Newsom and Martha Wainwright.

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

You can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster, but they're pretty damn expensive. I say we all go to the free Of Montreal show, huh?

Friday, June 2, 2006

Go green and you'll feel better.

I just signed up to have Green Power through ConEd. It's almost the same price and it's hydro and wind power instead of coal and nuclear power. How great is that?! For you New Yorkers, go here to find out about providers available. I went with ConEd Solutions Green Power, which is just one of the many companies you can choose from.