Thursday, February 3, 2005

So the band we photographed was...

Arcade Fire! We did the shoot at Mercury Lounge since it was close to their hotel (the HoJo on Houston, weird, right?). They were all pretty tired from their show the night before, and the singer, Win, was just downright cranky. He told Joe that the shots wouldn't work and that they never work with such a big group. We think he was mad because he was placed all the way to the right in the pictures, and not dead-center like the singer usually is.

Ryan bought me a ticket to the show at Irving Plaza last night. Final Fantasy opened. He's just one guy with a violin and a pedal that loops sounds. He was awesome. ManMan were terrible and no one was into them. Their sound was just too eclectic for the crowd. Arcade Fire were great. The energy they had on stage was better than most bands out there. And any band with 7 members that can all play every instrument makes for an entertaining show. Check out their site if you have a minute.

UPDATE!!! Apparantly David Byrne played a song with the band during the encore. Unfortunately I made Ryan go home early with me because my back was hurting from standing up all day. Aaghhhhhhhhhh. Ryan wants to kill me, just a little.

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