Monday, July 25, 2005

Johnny Depp can do no wrong.

Do go see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It's better than I expected and Johnny Depp makes a charming, likeable Willy Wonka. I haven't read the book in at least a decade, so I can't say for sure if this version is more accurate to the book than the version with Gene Wilder, but I can say that the two films are different enough that you won't be comparing them to each other.


Ricciolina said...

agreed: johnny depp was very charming, and charlie was fabulous. as a lifelong roald dahl fan, i can say the movie is much closer to the book than the horrid gene wilder version, and the only thing i missed from that 1970's gem was the portrayal of the oompa loompas. i could've done without the flashbacks to willy's childhood (which were not in the book), and the strange ending, but the trained squirrels made it all worthwhile!

judah Stevenson said...

agreed. i really enjoyed the performance(s) of the guy who played the oompa loompa, but still found myself looking for those weird richly orange-tanned little guys from the original. i want a trained squirrel. NO. I want an room full of them.