Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Please protect yourself.

My friend Ian's brand new laptop was just stolen from his place. If you would like to donate to the get-Ian-a-new-laptop-fund, click here.

On that note, please, if you don't have renters insurance, get some. Here's a good article about why you need renters insurance. You can get renters insurance through State Farm, Allstate, and Geico. I have State Farm and my annual payment is $225 with a deductible of $500 and it covers my stuff up to $32,000!

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kato said...

I've got renter's insurance from allstate - its 90 dollars/year and protects me up to 20,000. Most apartment complexes here require it, but its still a good idea. Granted it'll be more expensive depending on where you live and how much stuff you have. Only thing is that it will only cover "my" stuff and not Mike's, so technically if anyone asks I own EVERYTHING in the house except for his clothes and personal effects :) - ps i had to post this twice because its late and i can't seem to write coherently at this time of night!