Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boy, that could have been really embarrassing.

On Memorial Day my dad's band played a friend's party in Pawtucket, RI. He was telling me about the party and mentioned that some rock guy from a famous band was there, but he couldn't remember his name or his band's name. The only thing he could tell me was that this guy's claim to fame was that he says that he took Britney Spears' virginity. I immediately said, "You mean Fred Durst?". Yeah, that's it. The Durstbag himself was there, admiring Jeff's guitar and looking all jerky (my assumption anyway). He wanted to sit in with them but backed out. Probably because he doesn't know how to do anything but scream and jump around like a monkey.

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Steener said...

Oh god, thank you for picking the most ridiculous picture of that jackass. And Durstbag is now my favorite insult.